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Derek Waters’ worst job.

1. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Derek Waters: Fuck. There’s so many. I guess the best story I have is working at Tower Video. Remember when video tapes existed? I worked at Tower Video when I first moved out to Los Angeles from Baltimore. It was cool, because growing up in the suburbs of Baltimore, I wasn’t really surrounded by independent movies and stuff like that, so I got to learn about lots of new movies. One day this guy came in asking for a movie that I’d never heard of, so I was excited to look it up. We didn’t have it, so I asked what actors were in it, and he named three or four actors, none of them I had ever heard of except for one, which was Sidney Poitier. So I was typing in Sidney Poitier’s name into the computer, but I kept spelling it wrong. So I was like, “How do you spell his last name?” and he spells it for me. Unfortunately we didn’t have the movie, and he said, “Thank you, young man,” and he left. And my boss came up to me and said, “Why the fuck did you just have Sidney Poitier spelling you his own name?” 

Derek Waters, interviewed by the AV Club

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What do you say to people who argue that America’s best days are behind us?
That’s almost laughable. The only definition by which America’s best days are behind it is on a purely relative basis. That is, in 1946, when we made up about six percent of humanity, but we dominated everything. But America’s way better today than it’s ever been. Say you’re a woman in America, would you go back 50 years? Say you’re gay in America, would you go back 50 years? Say you’re sick in America, do you want to go back 50 years? I mean, who are we kidding?
Really interesting Jeff Goodell interview with Bill Gates over at Rolling Stone.

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