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Yorktown Pub Eureka moment

I had a revelation last night at the Yorktown Pub:

1. Virginia requires bars/pubs/taverns to make at least 50% of their revenue from food sales.

2. If a bar/pub/tavern has bad food, people will only go there to drink, thereby forcing the bar/pub/tavern to increase their food prices to meet the 50% quota off of the marginal orders (people too drunk to care, munchies, etc.)

3. Therefore, if a bar/pub/tavern has good food, there is no incentive for the prices to be high, since people are more likely to come in for the food, and it’s more profitable to make the drink prices higher, since the increased food revenue will allow for increased drink revenue.

4. THEREFORE!  If a Virginia bar/pub/tavern has good food, it’s also very likely to have cheap food, whereas a bar/pub/tavern with expensive food probably also has very bad food.

GENIUS!  Also, they make a damn good crabcake.

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